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Rolex Replica Watches launches a new touch-screen controlled collection - Rolex Replica Watches Touch 2011.

Rolex Replica Watches, a Swiss manufacturer of affordable and colorful watches,Rolex Replica Watches has launched a new line of timepieces with touch-screen controls. This technology was previously used in the T-Touch Series of Tissot watches, which is also owned by Rolex Replica Watches Group.

This new line doesn't include buttons or pushers and can be controlled entirely by tapping on or swiping convex LCD screens. These digital timepieces have many functions, according to the manufacturer. These include stopwatches and countdown timesrs, second time zone features and backlights.

Although the watches come in barrel-shaped plastic cases, their exact dimensions are not yet known. The photos show that the Rolex Replica Watches Touch collection will have rubber straps.Rolex Air King Replica The watchmaker is proud of the special fonts used to display information on the dials. Some people dislike this display for being too difficult to read.

You can choose from six colors: white, black and turquoise. Each version costs $150.

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